Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Verbal pains

We were blessed to have our best friends, The McFarland's spend the night with us this weekend. There is nothing like the sound of  3 screeching girls to wake you up at 5:55! Trust me. Nothing! Parker is really good with the girls and all the attention they like to give him and receive from him. At one point after a good hour of hanging out with them, he comes downstairs and leans on me and says, " Mom, I have a headache. ALL  those words... it's a lot of words. My head hurts!" 

hahah... What guy has not had that feeling after being around the female species for any extended period of time? He was just brave enough to say it. ;-)


Lela Kay said...

Ah, Parker, you feel Joshua's pain, 24/7! :-) He enjoys his peace and quiet too from all the words that fly around this house each day! :-)

And nothing is more of a blessing than to have a place for our little girls to screech and play like it was their own home! Love you all and love these sweet times spent together as family that I will recall with such sweet fondness someday when the house is a bit quieter, a bit straighter and a bit less giggly! xo

Nicole~ said...

I wish I had this convo on video... Park was soo cute but you could tell he was also pretty serious. He was mentally exhausted from all the craziness! Hahaha... We LOVE having you guys here. It is wonderful to have friends who are family. Ones of these days I need to do a post on that exact topic!!! XOXO

Lela Kay said...

Ha! Me too! That will definitely have to be a topic covered in the blogosphere! :-)

BTW, I didn't share that I'm contributing to another blog with a few other ladies, some of which I have been connected with in life and others who are just connections through those friends. You'll have to check it out. We are starting out having blogs 6 days a week. It should be interesting, as we are all very different and have different gifts and styles of writing. We'll see how it goes, but above anything, we just want to encourage one another and others as God continues to form us into His creation.


1st week is a little biography on each mommy (I know Ashlee and Emily from college days) and the next week will be about what each day will focus on when it comes to topics (Mealtime Mondays, Tidy Tuesdays, Wife Wednesdays, Thrifty Thursdays, Family Fridays and Wildcard Weekend).